Painless Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal treatment plays an important role in helping you save your tooth and the natural beauty of your smile. At Emerald Glow Dental Centre, our root canal specialists use today’s most advanced and safest techniques to not only relieve your pain but make it a stress-free and comfortable procedure. With more than twenty years of experience, they perform hundreds of root canal treatments every year.

Understanding Root Canal Therapy

When the pulp, which is the soft tissue inside the tooth comprising of blood vessels and nerves, becomes inflamed or diseased beyond the point of recovery, a root canal is needed. The damaged nerves present in the pulp are responsible for pain and discomfort. During root canal therapy the damaged pulp is removed, the tooth is cleaned and the healthy structure is preserved.

Steps in Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is quite simple and competed in short appointments, in one to three visits.

An X-ray is taken at the time of consultation to determine if a root canal is needed. Numbed with a local anesthetic. Once the decayed area is removed, special endodontic instruments of very high quality are used by our specialists to remove the damaged pulp and thoroughly clean the inside of the tooth of any debris and infection. Then the root canals are sealed with a special filling material and a temporary filling is placed over the tooth.

Painless Root Canal Treatment at Emerald Glow Dental Centre

Root canal treatment performed at Mumbai’s best dental clinic; Emerald Glow Dental Centre is absolutely free of pain. Although the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of root canal treatment is pain, our root canal specialists take great care to make the procedure is painless.

Our sophisticated techniques and modern equipment are specifically designed to make the procedure quick and comfortable. We use local anesthesia to make sure you do not feel any pain during the procedure. Thus, the patient comes to us in pain due to infection and the treatment is done to relieve it.

Treatment Options: Root Canal Therapy vs. Extraction

It is always a good idea to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible with root canal therapy than removing it. Saving your natural tooth will help in preserving your bite as well as avoid the bone loss that occurs when the tooth is removed.

However, in certain circumstances, your dentist might suggest an extraction such as when the tooth is badly broken down with a very less healthy structure or massive infection.

Cost of Root Canal Treatment in Mumbai

The cost of root canal treatment depends on a few factors like the tooth being treated, the complexity of the canals and anatomy, re-do of a previous root canal treatment, etc.  The teeth in the front have a single canal and hence easier to treat and cost less. Those in the back have numerous canals with difficulty in accessing them, hence the cost of their root canal treatment is higher. At Emerald Glow Dental Centre, your root canal treatment is of high quality yet affordable.

Schedule your Root Canal treatment

If you are in pain and think you need root canal treatment, call Emerald Glow Dental Centre at + 91 8097168879 or email at and schedule an Appointment Today. The treatment itself is quite simple and painless and you can retain your tooth for a lifetime if you properly care for it after the treatment.

More information

A root canal procedure is comfortable and painless due to the use of modern pain management techniques and effective dental practices.

Antibiotics, a medicine to treat bacterial infections, are not effective in treating root canal infections. Antibiotics will lower the infection to some extent, but cannot heal an infected rot canal. Only root canal treatment can get rid of the infection and heal the tooth.

There are various reasons why a tooth may need root canal treatment such as:

  • A large cavity or decay underneath an existing filling which is close to the nerve
  • Trauma to the tooth leading to its nerve damage as in accidents
  • Chipped, Broken, or fractured teeth
  • Large filling, close to the nerve that tends to cause sensitivity

Root canal treatment gets rid of the infection and the resultant pain. You might feel little discomfort after the procedure for a short period which can be taken care of with over-the-counter pain medications.

Once the pulp is removed, the tooth may become weak due to extensive decay. Hence it is always advisable to get a crown placed on the tooth. Talk to our dental specialists to understand whether in your specific case a crown is needed.